About Digital Nomad Mum

Liza is a Knowledge and Collaboration Tools Manager with an American Insurance Company and experienced IT Trainer. With 20 years in the workforce starting as a personal assistant and working her way into an IT career she has had many years of experience working with different programs and apps and loves to help others learn how to use these tools to make their day to day lives more productive.

With an abundance of online tools in this new digital age, Liza specializes in researching and implementing new products and how they can be integrated into your existing workflow to make your working life easier, not harder.

Liza loves everything about technology and works remotely from the lovely seaside suburb of Bundeena on the outskirts of Sydney. She is a single mum and a city girl at heart who loves to travel to other parts of the world as part of her job and loves nothing more than traveling and exploring the world with her five year old.

Her dream has been to work remotely from anywhere and this became a reality for her when she became a remote worker in 2012 after her daughter Lola was born. Soon Liza plans to take her working life on the road with plans to work from Thailand, Bali and New York in the near future.

To keep up to date with the latest apps and tools to help you get the job done, and to follow Liza in her remote working career, make sure you subscribe to this blog and follow her adventures on instagram.

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