Our daily routine when working remotely

Our daily routine when working remotely

When working remotely with Lola in tow, I like to stick to a daily routine so that we get to spend plenty of quality time together, but I am also able to get my work done.

Following is a breakdown of my working day as a digital nomad:

6 am – wake up and read all emails that have come in overnight. Since I support people that are based in the US, I respond to emails, and if I have any questions about the work they are asking me to complete, I have time to address any issues before they clock off for the day.

I also make sure that I respond to all emails that will only take a couple of minutes. I like to start the day and night with inbox zero. The only emails related to tasks I need to complete are left in my inbox. This helps me stay focused and organised.

7 am – I have a travel yoga mat that I take with me everywhere. So after I have dealt with all my emails, I take 30 minutes to stretch and have a quick workout. This helps me keep my mind clear for the day.

7.30am – Shower and get ready for the day

8.00am – Work until Lola wakes up.

9.30am – Out for coffee and breakfast

10.30am – Work on projects either sitting at the pool, playground or in our hotel room. During this time, Lola plays or does Mathletics or Reading Eggs on her iPad.

1.00pm – Lunch

2.00pm – The afternoon is usually spent with me working in our hotel room and Lola playing. She has a vivid imagination so can be kept occupied for hours just playing by herself. If she gets bored, I’ll put a movie on for her to watch.

4.00pm – We take an afternoon break where we will go out and do something. Depending on where we are, we might explore a new neighbourhood or city, or spend some time at the beach or by the pool.

5.30pm – Find somewhere to have dinner. We like to eat out at cheap places or bring food back to our room. Part of the reasons I love travelling so much is being able to immerse ourselves in the different cultures and food.

7.00pm – I will spend a few hours working while Lola plays or watches a movie.

9.00pm – Bedtime

That is how a typical day for us is when I am working remotely and travelling with Lola. The key is to make sure I have plenty of flexibility to meet Lola’s needs as well as that of my employers.

As I am in a support role, I am constantly online and have access to everything 24 hours a day. That sounds like a lot, but it is a small price to pay for having the freedom to work your own hours and to be able to work around the needs of your family.


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