Electronics I need when traveling for work

After years of traveling for work, I have perfected the carry-on for all my electronic devices to ensure that I can work, read, and be entertained with everything that I have in my handbag.

I have found an over the shoulder tote bag works best as I carry it on my shoulder and it can be slung over my carry on luggage. Not just any tote bag will do. It needs to be pretty sturdy. I currently have an Oroton one which is holding up nicely and looks stylish.

Within my bag, I put my iPhone, passport and mini iPad Pro within a pouch so that I can grab these things quickly. I like to be ready whenever I am asked for my passport or boarding passes, and the worst thing is having to rummage through your bag to find these. I also like my iPhone within reach for quick selfies and travel snaps.

Also within my bag, I have a lightweight laptop and charges for the iPad and iPhone just in case.

Before traveling, I make sure that I have downloaded any television shows or movies that I would like to watch.  I rarely find anything on the in-flight entertainment system worth viewing. You also need to be prepared as there is no guarantee that your seat will have a working entertainment system. If you are really unlucky, you could be stuck for 13 hours straight with nothing to do but sleep.

If there are any books that I am currently reading, I make sure they are available within my Kindle app on the iPad pro.

I also make all my documents that I would like to review available offline within Box a cloud application.

Lastly, I have a universal adaptor in case I get delayed somewhere and need to charge my devices in the lounge or on an aircraft.

With all of the above, I can pick and choose what I want to watch, listen to, read or work on all from within my tote bag.

Apart from the above, I would recommend having a working pen. Nothing worse than having to fill out a customs arrival form or take down someone’s details and not having anything to write with.

Happy Traveling,



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