Five things to make it work as a digital nomad

Thinking of becoming a digital nomad? Below are 5 things you need to consider to make it work as a digital nomad.

1. Create a productive work space

I am one of those people who has to have a clean workspace free of clutter to get work done. This is the same for when I am working from home, to working in a local cafe.

For me the area needs to be clean, filled with natural light and all my electronic devices have to be charged and within reach.

For others it might be a laptop, notepad and pen, but whatever works for you it is important that you make your workspace feel familiar.

2. Find your tribe

Spend some time in co-working spaces to connect with other like minded people. This will help with productivity but you also might land your next gig this way.

In these workspaces you will usually find someone that needs your skills or will know of someone else who might be looking for somebody. Who knows you might even make some new friendships as well.

3. Choose your cafe wisely

It is no secrets that I, like most digital nomads love to work in coffee shops.

You have to however choose the right cafe to work otherwise itt will weaken your productivity for the day.

Make sure the cafe you choose has decent wifi and the owners don’t mind you camping out there for a while.

Apps such as Work Hard Anywhere have information about the best wifi connectivity or Yelp might help with insight into whether or not there are power stations.

It goes without saying that it must have decent coffee.

4. Network

As I am an introvert I find it hard to make conversations with others and most of the time I like to be left alone.

I would suggest making conversation with the person sitting next to you in the cafe, if they are open to it, every once and a while. This way you can meet fellow digital nomads and if you are staying put for a while you might even make a new friendship.

Another option is to join a co-working space and attend some events every once in a while.

5. Structure your day

To be productive you will need to be disciplined with your time and have structure.

I find that if I plan out my day hour by hour, this helps me stay on track.

My day doesn’t always go to plan but then I will tweek my schedule to accommodate any changes.

Don’t forget to add personal time. As I almost always have my daughter with me, I have to plan everything around her needs.

I love to take a break so she can have a swim and spend time playing so I also schedule these activities. If I don’t I tend to continue working and don’t make enough time for these activities.

Also make sure you start the day right. Set yourself up for success from the moment you wake up. I promise you will feel better, and fare better.

This are just a few options to make sure your transition into the life of a digital nomad is smooth and productive. How do you stay productive when on the road? Tell me in the comments below.



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