5 tips for becoming a digital nomad

Sick of working a 9 to 5 job and commuting to an office that you can’t stand working in? Want to become a location independent worker or digital nomad so that you can work on the projects that you want to and experience the world?

Well, with a little bit of planning you can do just that. Following are my top 5 tips for becoming a digital nomad:

1. Develop a skill that you can use to work remotely. Whether it is web design, programming, graphic design or that of an admin assistant, make sure you master that skill and become an expert in your field. Take the time during your commute or down time in your office to concentrate on developing these skills.

2. Research the country that you would like to work in and find out what the VISA rules are. If you are moving around a lot, you can do so on a tourist VISA but if there is a particular place you want to stay for a longer period, make sure you know the rules. A great source of information for digital nomad countries is nomadlist.com Their site is free to use, and they also have a paid forum that is worthwhile joining to get all the insights of being a digital nomad.

3. If you are dedicated to your job and have an important skill set that your employer needs, why not ask them if you could become a remote worker? This is exactly how I took the step to becoming a digital nomad. If you are a highly valued employee and have proved yourself as well as providing an excellent proposal on how you can make it work, then there may be no reason your employer could say no. You just need to ask.

4. Save up enough money to sustain you for at least six months. This way you won’t be too stressed if you go a few weeks without any income. As a digital nomad, you won’t need much stuff, so come up with a strategy for selling all those unwanted gadgets, household goods, clothes, DVD’s, etc.. Every item sold is something towards your dream of leaving your day job or making a significant lifestyle change.

5. Make sure you are doing the best work that you could do for your employer. These are the people that are going to either agree to your location independent lifestyle or provide you with references so that you can land your first client.

These are strategies that you need to take and put in place to be successful in becoming a digital nomad or location independent worker. Need assistance in working out your plan to freedom? Book some time on my booking calendar, and I would be happy to help you work through some of your questions and ideas. Good luck!


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