In-flight Reading – July 2017

Inflight reading - July 2017

For in-flight reading this month I purchased Anita Shreve’s “The Stars are Fire” as well as Breath, and Latte magazine.

“The Stars are Fire” is the latest novel from Anita Shreve and focuses on the life of Grace Holland who has been left alone to look after her two toddlers while her husband fights an out of control fire racing from the town to their village. Grace and her children escape to the seaside after their house is destroyed without knowing the fate of her husband and other friends and family. The book focusses on the aftermath of this and Graces newfound freedom.

As with all of Anita Shreve’s books, they are written in a way that takes you to the place so that you can visualise it as if you were there. This book is perfect for reading on holiday and a plane particularly as it is easy going reading and not too heavy.

I highly recommend any of Anita’s books and this one does not disappoint.

I also purchased Breath magazine which is a new magazine that focuses on wellbeing, mindfulness and creativity. This issue has articles on breathing, yoga, inspiration on being creative and finding how to attract the job you want. There are also quite a few recipes and some keepsake cards.

I find the concept of this magazine inspiring, and in this issue particularly liked the articles on “Going with the flow” which is about how acting on a whim can lead you to a life-enhancing change of direction. And “How to simplify your wardrobe” of which I am going to action most of the steps within the article when I return from holidays.

Finally, I brought along Latte magazine which is by subscription only as a premium member of the organisation Business Chicks. I haven’t taken the time to read this magazine until now and have to say I am impressed. It is full of articles from inspiring female business owners and career tips. It’s a pity that it only comes out every quarter, as if it was a monthly mag, I would be a regular subscriber.

So, that’s this month’s in-flight reading. If you have anything you want to recommend for next month, please leave a comment below. I’ll be off to Hong Kong so will be looking for some interesting reading material for the long flight


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