Our new life as digital nomads

After years of dreaming of becoming digital nomads, I have been given the go ahead to work wherever I want outside Australia as long as I am not out of the country for more than 180 days for tax and payroll reasons.

This is a dream come true and I now find myself wondering where we are going to go and how I am going to manage it all. I am a single mum with a five year old so I need to make sure I have some kind of care for her whilst I work as well as keep on top of her schooling as she starts kindergarten this year.

We have not done a lot of travel together up to this point as I have found her quite hard to manage. Mostly because she is incredibly vivacious and strong willed and keeping her under control in public had been quite difficult. The few trips we did do I found myself running after her in the airport, or having to hold her down to stop her from running around on an aircraft, train or wherever we were.

The things you don’t even really think about when traveling on your own become big things when traveling alone with a little one. I would stress for weeks before a flight wondering how I am going to get through security holding onto our bags, her and a pram. What if the airline didn’t give me a pram? How could I order food or even coffee in the airport without her running off? It was always just too hard so we haven’t traveled as often as I would have liked.

I travel internationally about half a dozen times a year for my work and I have my travel system and packing down pat. I am so organised that travel on my own is a breeze. Why have I found it so hard to pack the right bags and equipment and manage trips with my daughter?

Today we are on our first trip of many this year. We are traveling by train from Sydney to Taree to visit relatives. So far it has been stressful as I forgot to pack her headphones (one thing I always forget and swear I will never forget ever again) it rained really heavily and we had no raincoats so got soaked before getting on the train and froze for the first hour.

We also missed the deadline for having our bag checked so had to struggle to get on the train with our luggage and having to make sure she didn’t fall through the gap. If you don’t have kids you don’t think about these small things that can make a trip very stressful.

Anyway, it is all good as she is now sitting on the floor playing with her iPad and everyone around us on the train is not bothered that she isn’t using her headphones.

I think with the more travel that we do the more organised I will be and things will run smoothly. It is going to be a fun ride.



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