Sydney to Dallas on the A380

This route is a great option for Australians traveling to the United States as you can avoid going through Los Angeles, which in my experience has one of the worst customs and arrivals process due to the chaos and disorganization in the world. The airport is such a schmozzle with nothing sign posted and I always end up being yelled at by someone when I am in the wrong line or don’t understand what they are requesting of me through security as they are yelling too loudly and the rules change all the time. You just can’t win.

When traveling through Dallas though, it is an entirely different experience. They are friendly, helpful, there are no long lines, and they actually show you how to use the automatic customs machines.

Once you leave the terminal everything is sign posted and it is easy to get between the different terminals as they have a shuttle train. The airport seems so much cleaner and spacious and the people who work there are more friendly.

Apart from flying into Dallas the experience in Business class on the A380 is top notch. The staff are incredibly courteous and helpful and the food is first class.


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