The iPad Pro – the only tool I need for business travel

As someone who travels frequently for business, I like to have the best tools to work remotely without having to carry a ton of equipment. I used to carry around a laptop, iPad, iPhone, Kindle and all the chargers associated with these tools.

After discovering the iPad Pro, I have found that this is the only tool that I need. Why? It has all the apps I work with as well as a long battery life, a keyboard and you can purchase an Apple Pencil so that you can write on the screen as well as draw if you want to.

I have just spent more than 20 hours traveling from Sydney to St Louis, Missouri and my iPad Pro still has more than 50% charge on it. I used it consistently on my flight from Sydney to Dallas to watch a movie, 3 episodes of my favorite TV program and wrote an entire e-course and workbook over the course of three hours in Evernote.

It has made me incredibly productive and I’m able to work easily from anywhere. If I didn’t have to support an application as part of my job that involves managing some software that is available on premise only, I could manage my job and everything else with the iPad Pro only.

The software I support is now moving to the cloud. So soon I will be able to manage everything on this device. I can’t recommend the iPad Pro highly enough. So, if you are looking for a tablet that can do anything you need, then you can’t go past the iPad Pro.


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