My top 10 apps for working remotely

As a remote worker and technology professional, some apps are essential to keep me organised and to stay focused. Following are my top 10 apps for working remotely that can help you with your location independent lifestyle.


Slack is by far the best messenger app on the market. It is easy to use and has so many different integrations that you can streamline your workflow all within the one application.

I use Slack to integrate with Trello and Google Drive so that I can chat with clients about documents and project plans.

If you are a digital nomad, there is also a fantastic community on #Slack which you will find at

It costs to join, but this particular forum contains an abundance of information about the digital nomad lifestyle as well as everything you need to know about any city you might want to work from.

Slack is ideal for small businesses and is free for certain features. You will find that large organisations are also using Slack as their preferred tool especially within IT development areas.


Trello helps me keep on top of all my project work and content management. I create boards for each of my clients and manage all my tasks with lists.

I can also exchange notes and updates with my clients and integrate boards with Slack so that my customers and contractors are notified when tasks are completed.

I also use Trello for my editorial calendar. When I have a new blog post idea, I add this to the schedule so that it won’t be forgotten. This saves having lots of pieces of paper floating around in my bag and all over my desk.

Rescue Time

I’ve just begun using this Rescue Time, and it has been an eye-opener as to how I spend my time. This app tracks all of your tasks on your laptop or smartphone and shows you where you have spent your time that day.

I have found it quite disconcerting about where I spend my time (too much time on social media), but it has helped me to improve my productivity.

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is an expense tracker for those who travel and who like to set a budget for each destination. With Trail Wallet, I can easily keep track of all my daily expenses.

You can keep track of your expenses, even in different currencies and set daily budgets.

You can then analyse where you have spent your money and hopefully improve your spending habits.


I have a subscription to Fitstar Yoga, an app for yoga that adapts as your fitness level progresses. As someone who travels a lot, this is an essential for me as it keeps me active.

Since I am also sitting a lot of the time, yoga is the best exercise for me. I also have a travel yoga mat so that I can do a workout at any time. Paired with fitstar, there is no excuse not to spend some time on the mat every day.


The Tripit app allows you to keep all your travel information in the one app. I can send all my flight, hotel, car hire, etc.. details to the app so that everything is kept together.

So for each trip, I only have to open one app, and all my travel details are there. This saves me jumping between my e-mail, an airline app such as Qantas and Evernote where I keep my itinerary. Tripit keeps it all together and will even go through your inbox to pull out all travel details for you.


I use HoursTracker to track the number of hours I spend on any project. I have set up all my clients in this app, and when I spend any time working on content for them I select start and then finish, and it tracks the time.

I can select the hourly rate I charge for each client if that is applicable so that I can track this and provide a statement if needed.

Whether or not I am being paid by the hour or project, I still track my time. This is precious information as I am then able to provide a good estimate of how long it will take me per project and what I should be charging.


I use Coschedule to schedule all my own social media activity. I spend one hour every Sunday entering in all the posts I would like to tweet, pin and send to Facebook for the coming week.

This saves me so much time thinking about what to post each day. This, however, does not include other people’s content.

Part of a social media strategy is to also share other’s content, so I do this part of my social media activity manually each day.


Planoly is my go to app for planning out my Instagram feed. I take photos every day and the ones I think that will work for Instagram I upload to Planoly so that I can see how they will look in my feed.

I like to be spontaneous with Instagram, however, sometimes you get a great shot that you want to share at another time. Planoly helps you visualise your feed and schedule these posts.


I use Feedly to find relevant content to share with my audience. Feedly aggregates content from around the web based on topics that I choose and then brings them into the one feed.

I am then able to Tweet and share to Facebook anything I find that is relevant to my business or clients.

I also save all those articles I find that I don’t have time to read and then can come back to them later.

So there you have it, a quick rundown of my top 10 apps that I use to run my business efficiently. Do you have any other favourite apps you would like to share?


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