Website Solutions

Website Solutions

One of my core strengths is installing and managing WordPress sites. From as little as $850 I can put together something straightforward and simple that will provide you with a starting point for your project.

Time will be spent searching for the ideal WordPress theme for your business and I will install and configure the theme to your specifications.

I will work closely with you in implementing your design ideas and then translate these into the ideal WordPress theme.

I also offer ongoing support and maintenance of your site as well as hosting if you need it.

If you are interested in engaging my services for web design, contact me via my contact page.

My website services packages are below.

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WordPress Maintenance and Support

I offer WordPress Maintenance and support packages to ensure your website is protected, maintained and is backed up and running the latest software.

“As a content manager I know that anything can happen, such as your site being hacked, a plugin breaks on your site or you accidentally delete a┬ádatabase”.

With one of my monthly WordPress maintenance and support plans you will have someone to take care of any problems. I can also help with updating content and making small changes to your site as needed. Details of these plans are below.

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